Are you looking for a place in Peru to volunteer as an occupational therapist or to do practicals? Then our project  CusiMaky ( is the one you are looking for .


CusiMaky is an after school educational project for children living in San Jeronimo, a district of Cusco.This NGO focuses on children and their family who live in situations of extreme poverty. Throughout the year, we work with volunteers / students who come and work during a certain period. We are always interested in students who want to do practicals in our project or volunteers who want to help out for a while.

You can come to us the whole year long and help out in two ways:

Project ( CusiMaky, which means little happy hands in Quechua, focuses on underprivileged children and their families of the neighbourhood. We focus on 3 areas: education, health and general development. Every day of the week (Monday through Friday) we organize after school classes. Tasks of the students / volunteers during these classes are working around educational skills and the preparation to come to these skills ((pre)writing exercises, concentration excercies, motorical activities, ...). A lot of our kids have a delay on these areas. Next to the after school aid we also organize different work shops around different themes such as self esteem, interpersonal skills, rights, calculation skills ... Students organize these workshops depending of the needs there are. These can be in group as well as individual.

Every day of the project we also give a meal to try to improve their weight and health (all the children are underfed). Also on this area volunteers help preparing and dividing the food. We also work around hygiene and the necessary skills on this area.

We also organize a two weekly parent meeting to inform the parents and educate them as well. 

Students help on the different areas of the project. We want to be a home for the children, a place where they can find peace and be a child (something that is not always possible at home). Important to know is that students receive a lot of possibilities to be "active" and participate in the project. 

Other projects: We also have intensive contact with several other projects where students have the possibility to do their practicals. Possible other projects are: projects for ten moms and their children, project for street children, day care, schools, special aid schools, ... Depending of the interests of the students, we can organize practicals / volunteering work in these projects. 

We organize accommodation and Spanish classes. Throughout your stay you will be part of our family and can take part in free salsa and cooking classes to get to know the culture. We will be there 24/24 for everything you need. If you are looking for a place to do practicals or work on a thesis subject, it would not be a problem at all. We have had extended  experience on this area.

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