Need F roommate.

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Need F roommate.

  • My name is Jennifer Craig, don't have a hotel booked yet, but am looking for someone to room with.  I am 28, nonsmoker, work in SNF.  Please email or reply on here and let me know if you are interested!


  • Hi

    Looking for a room mate, I have a room at the Spring Hill Suites, connected to the conference site. I am getting there tuesday 4/24 and leaving 4/28. I need to be there for pre-conference meetings and will be presenting as well so I don't spend much time in the room. I have it checked to e-mail me with replies. Will connect with anyone who might be interested and work out the details. Thanks for considering this.

  • Hi Terri, the only thing is I am getting there on the 25th and need to leave on the 29th.  How much would my portion of the room be?

  • Hi Jennifer

    This would mean each of us would have one night  alone,  Please send me your e-mail to  or we can call to cover the details I have free long distance if you would rather talk just send your number.  Thanks for responding.  Teri.

  • Teri,

    I would be interested in sharing a room, if this arrangement doesn't work out.  I was planning on staying until Sunday, but my plans are flexible.  I was hoping to arrive the 24th for pre-conference institutes.

  • The room is a suite with 2 queen beds and a pull-out I would be willing to do 3 in the room and take the pull out if that would work for you and Jennifer.  I haven't heard back from Jennifer.  The cost is $145 + 24. for taxes.  It would be about $56 a night for each with 3.   $84 with 2.  Send a private e-mail to  Thanks 

  • Hi Teri!

    I got started a little late this year because I wasn't sure if I was going to be there for the whole conference.  I am looking for  a rooming situation the 25th-28th.  Does that fit in at all with you and the other people in this conversation tag?


  • Hi Jamie

    Thank you for responding, at this point I really don't know what to tell you. Neither person who indicated an interest have responded so I don't know if they still need a room.  I will request that Jennifer and Ashley let me know if they need a room and if I do not hear from them by friday I would be willing to offer the space to you if just 2 sharing costs would be workable for you financially? Please e-mail  your e-mail address and phone to me privately  I would prefer to not work out details on connections.  Thanks  Teri


  • Teri!
    I just emailed you... I am still interested.  (I didn't realize you had posted a response to my request)

    I am willing to share with 3..  -Jamie- I used to be on the ASD Sterring Committee too!

    my private email -

    Please email me, and we will work out details.

    looking forward to hearing from you,