Hello everyone, my name is Addison and I'm currently wrapping up my sophomore year of college. I am already looking into several graduate OT programs in order to be sure my prerequisites are being met, in addition to that of which is required in my degree plan. My current major is Health Sciences with a concentration in Exercise Science. My current college does not offer a set OT pathway, and this is the closest I could get to other programs' requirements. I was previously a Sports Marketing major, and decided to do a complete 180 in my career choice. While I was declared a marketing major, I didn't do the best academically (I would rather not say my GPA-it is not horrible, but not as good as several applicants on other threads have shared theirs is). 

I am wondering if anyone has experienced a case such as this, where a student's GPA is below requirements but has several great letters of recommendation showing their work ethic and ability to understand material? My GPA is great in science, math, and English classes. It was more course specific classes to marketing in which I suffered. I know a great GRE score could potentially help supplement this. I am extremely devoted to making this work, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!