Chances of getting into OT School

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Chances of getting into OT School

  • Hi, I am currently a college senior. My major is Sociology and I currently have a 3.41 GPA. By next quarter, I want to boost it up to a 3.5 GPA. I currently have over a hundred hours of volunteer and shadowing experience. I still need to take prerequisite courses for OT school.

    I am feeling discouraged and anxious about future applications because of my current GPA and I am not sure if I am able to be a competitive applicant for OT schools. 

    Are there any advice of what I could possibly do to make myself a more competitive applicant? 

  • Dear Jessica,

    Congratulations to you for looking at OT as a profession.  I am impressed that you located this system in order to ask a question!  You are showing off some good resourcing skills!

    I don't have a clear answer for you, but I hope that my response will encourage you to search for the right program.

    Every OT school is different.  Some don't do interviews; they just take the cream of high GPAs and GREs.  You are right; a 3.4 or even a 3.5 may not be adequate to make the cut in those programs.  That said, some programs may weight the GRE higher than the GPA; in those schools, working on raising your GRE score may be of benefit. Other schools do interviews; they often have GPA cutoffs and post a preference for "competitive GRE scores."   There are schools that admit students holding a 3.4 GPA; don't let that stop you cold in the process. Some schools are more competitive than others.   New OT programs are often easier to get into than the older, well-known, top OT programs.  

    Bottom line:  Make a list of the schools that you are interested in attending, and find out what they value.  Call them.  Ask questions about the average GPA and the average GRE scores.  Find out if they conduct interviews.

    Narrow down your list, and go for it!

    God bless your journey, Jessica!

    Mary Jo McGuire MS, OTR/L, OTPP, FAOTA

    Akron, Ohio

  • Hi Jessica

    Although, I went to school 25 years ago, admission to OT school was highly competitive back then. I can relate to your situation. I was also a college graduate with a BA in sociology and minor in gerontology with 3.5 GPA. I thought my chances weren’t great. But I applied to several schools, I interviewed, I contacted therapists I knew and asked for references.

    Mary Jo McGuire has some excellent advice. Research schools, call them, ask questions, ask for an interview. Your passion will show through. Best of luck.

    Lisa Huddleston OTR/L

    Oxford Oh