Which undergraduate major is best?

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Which undergraduate major is best?

  • What should I major as an undergraduate student in order to get into a master's program. Please and thank you!

  • Hi Liliana,

    I firmly believe that you should major in WHATEVER area of interest you have.

    1. You'll get better grades if you are actually interested in what you are studying, this is huge for motivation.

    2. There are opportunities to complete pre-reqs through a variety of majors (Psychology, Biology, Sociology, etc.) but if none of these majors interest you, you can still enroll in pre-reqs in other ways. For example, I attended Stony Brook University in Long Island, but I took a winter course online for Developmental Psychology through Queens College. I was able to double major, study abroad, AND graduate a semester early while still completing pre-reqs for OT school. It's 100% doable.

    3. OT schools LOVE variety. If you want to be a Journalism or English major, by all means, go for it! Future schools will love to hear about how your knowledge of Journalism/English/etc. will inform your future practice in a unique way.

    4. Undergrad is your time to explore and do what you love, make your $ and time worth it!

    I hope that helps :)

  • I second everything Mary said! OT schools love the variety of majors and unique experiences. Just remember that your GPA will be an important factor that schools will look at. I have fellow students who busted their butt to maintain a 3.5 in Kinesiology while I managed a higher GPA in PSY with less effort. I purposefully took A&P at a local college, as did many of my fellow students, because it was easier to get an A.

    You may also want to consider that programs are all mandated to switch from a Master's to an OTD in 2027. Most programs will be switching over before that. Prepare financially for a larger investment in your education. 

  • MOT programs accept a wide variety of undergraduate majors.  It is important to study something that you are interested in.  In my MOT class, we have a lot of people who studied psychology, exercise science, and education.  The curriculum at graduate schools are different depending on their focus, however most programs will incorporate aspects of all/any undergraduate degrees.  The type of undergraduate major is not as important as having a good GPA, completed pre-reqs, and GRE scores.