Looking for some answers.....

I work in a school system that services students from 3-21, with an abundant amount of diagnosis.  We have many students with Sensory Processing Disorders that need a lot of input.  We currently have 1 OTR and 3 COTA's, whom service our complete district.  Now my question is in regards to various protocols and who can perform them, but mainly on the Wilbarger Protocol.  Our OT states that she has been trained, but not sure if her training is enough or not.  My understanding is that you need to be trained in Sensory Integration or Sensory Processing prior to having the ability to be trained in the Wilbarger.   All of the OT/COTA's are fairly new in their career and have not had the opportunity to train in these fields.  I am very concerned because no one is stopping this, and teachers are being taught but there is no responsibility or Data being taken....  and prior to presenting to my Director, I would like to have some concrete information to back my understanding.  So my questions are:

What kind of training do you need to perform the Wilbarger Protocol?

What is the responsibility of the Occupational Therapist in regards to teaching parents/cargivers/teachers on this protocol?

What type of monitoring is required for this protocol?

What is the correct way to perform this protocol?

Any information would help!!

Thank you,