My name is Frank Cicero and I am a faculty member in the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program at Seton Hall University.  I am currently recruiting participants for a study who hold a certification/license and are currently in practice or are a matriculated student within one of the following disciplines: applied behavior analyst (BCBA or BCBA-D), occupational therapist, psychologist/school psychologist, speech therapist or special education teacher. As a qualified professional or student, you are being asked to consider participation in the current study.
The study is investigating the social validity and perceived acceptability of various treatment strategies commonly employed with individuals with developmental disabilities and other behavioral challenges. Specifically, we are looking at how treatment procedures are viewed across professionals and students of different disciplines currently included on interdisciplinary treatment teams.  Results of the study will hopefully shed light on differences in opinion that can lead to tension and a lack of collaboration between members of treatment teams.  Understanding and solving these differences will ultimately lead to better prognosis for learners.
Participation in the study should take less than 20 minutes. You will first be asked to fill out some nonidentifying background information questions (questionnaires are anonymous). You will then be asked to view brief video clips depicting various treatment procedures. After viewing each clip, you will answer 10 brief questions related to social validity and acceptability of the treatment procedure. You will also be asked to review treatment procedures presented through written description. Questionnaires should be able to be completed in any location at any time as long as access to the internet is available.     
If you agree to participate in this study and wish to be directed to the online questionnaire, please follow this link.
Participation is completely voluntary and there is no repercussion for nonparticipation. Responses will be kept secure through the principal investigator’s personal login to the online questionnaire. Data, once downloaded, will be kept secure on a USB drive locked in the principal investigator’s office at Seton Hall University.  Completion and submission of the questionnaire serves as consent to analyze, publish and disseminate data.   
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
Frank Cicero, PhD, BCBA, LBA(NY)
Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor and Program Director of Applied Behavior Analysis
Seton Hall University
College of Education and Human Services
Jubilee Hall Rm. 432
400 South Orange Avenue
South Orange, NJ 07079
(973) 275-2721