Fellow OTs/OTAs/ Students/ Faculty/ Administrators/ OT Employers/OT Regulators: 

If you don't agree with the OTD mandate please consider signing the petition and share the link to others. Educate all stakeholders about the consequences of OTD Mandate (good & bad) and help them get involved. Stakeholders also include consumers/ general public/ non OT employers/ state OT regulators. Thanks.

Petition link Below:    There are over 2,247 signatures already and growing. Signatures will be delivered to the US Department of Education, ACOTE, AOTA and other agencies that oversee ACOTE. 


If you support the OTD mandate please share your views and perspective on how it is beneficial for all stakeholders and the OT profession. We invite the leadership to share their perspective as well. It is requested to those in favor to please join our social media page to help us understand the benefits of OTD mandate. Stakeholders are questioning the validity of the data and rationale that has been provided by ACOTE. 

Please Join the social media group to share your views. There are close to 3,000 stakeholders who have joined this group already and growing by the hour.  


Both sides of the Isle are invited to join the Facebook group "OTD Mandate-Uncertain future" to have a transparent and productive conversation on the OTD Mandate. The group name include the word “Uncertain” because a valid reasoning or evidence behind the mandate has not been shared by ACOTE. A lot of data has been shared but stakeholders are questioning the validity. Many stakeholders have unanswered questions. Some stakeholders do not yet know what this mandate will do for all of them. Many are worried for their valid reasons. Have your voice count and share your views. 

This Facebook group is a platform for everyone whether they support or are against the mandate to bring clarity to all stakeholders. Thank you!

Brij Maliya, OTR/L