1.What is OTConnections all about?

OTConnections is an online community designed for occupational therapy professionals, students and consumers to interact, connect, and share.  

2. I'm an AOTA member. Do I have to sign up?

As an AOTA member you are already an OTConnections member. Just Sign-In using your existing AOTA username and password. It's that easy!

3. I'm not an AOTA member. Can I sign up? Is there a cost to join?

OTConnections is open to all. You can sign up for free and participate on the site. The SIS Forums are private and restricted to AOTA members only. For access to the SIS Forums you must be an AOTA member. Join Now!

4. Can I change my username that appears on OTConnections?

By default your username is the same as your "Login Name" you created or already have.  You can change this by going to "Settings" and changing the name under "Basic Information".

5. Can I upload Pictures and Videos?

YES! You can upload pictures and videos to the Galleries set for each AOTA event or category. You can also add pictures, videos, PDF's, etc to your own personal page by going to the "Files" tab under Settings

6. Are blogs private or public and how do I start a blog?

 Blogs are public.  To start a blog contact otconnections@aota.org with your username, name of blog, and a description of the blog to get started. Make sure to have read our  Blog Guidelines under the Terms of Use.

7. How do I start a group?

Contact otconnections@aota.org with your username, name of group, and a description of the group. Make sure to have read our Group Guidelines under the Terms of Use.

 8. How do I get further help?

If your question was not answered in this FAQ please contact the user  OTConnections that is listed under "Your Friends" or you can also send an email to otconnections@aota.org.