Ability to scan worksheets to computer

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Ability to scan worksheets to computer

  • I am looking for a way to scan simple worksheets which would allow both the pictures to show up on the computer screen and also allow a student to type below the picture (such as viewing a picture of a hat and typing in the missing "a" sound for HAT). Has anyone been doing this? It seems we should be able to do this, but all my efforts have failed and our district's assistive tech person has not found a way either. Thank you.

  • There are a couple of websites that let you upload and then fill in forms.



    and Kurzweil software which is nice because it also has a read feature.  I've played around with "fill any pdf", but I have never tried "pdf filler". 

  • We use Worksheet Wizard by Premier Software.

  • Is there some way to take a picture of a worksheet, which is available only by paper to the teacher, and upload it to make it digitally editable by students and students return it to the teacher?

  • Do you have an iPad?  I use my iPad with worksheets quite often.  It is so engaging for students and they are not tied to a computer.  Take a look at this post:


    and this one:


    and how about this:


    oh, one more:




  • Yes, I have an Ipad, but the person who needs to do this does not. Looking for something for a laptop that a teacher has accessible to her. Not all teachers have been issued iPads, only lower elementary teachers have been issued iPads and laptops. Upper elementary and secondary teachers have been issued laptops. I will look over the blogs, though, there might be some other ideas there. Thank you for responding!