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Accessing the Community: Driving

Accessing the Community: Driving
This group discusses the contribution of program development to meet the community mobility and driving needs of medically/developmentally at- risk and older drivers.

NHTSA Brochures

  • Hello, gang!

    Once again, I must offer words of appreciation to all the hard work Elin Schold-Davis and Patti Horsely put into administrating the Mini-Grant Workshop at AOTA this past weekend.  It was a VERY educational and creative workshop! 

    It was a pleasure meeting everyone!  I hope we can continue to take the time to connect and encourage each other as we go forward.

    I do not think I was the only person not to be using the NHTSA brochures (although I think Robyn already ordered hers!).   I thought I'd post a link to the website where you can order these nice materials (for free!).


    There you go! (I just ordered mine today.)

    Stay in touch.  Post a resource/link now and then to keep us moving!


    Mary Jo McGuire

    Akron, OH

  • Thanks so much Mary Jo, and I also echo all your other statements.

    Most of the information is still sinking in...It was definately worth the time, I came away with much more than I could have imagined.

    It was great to meet you all, and look forward to our continued journey.

    Dan Allison

  • I too agree with Dan & Mary Jo.

    It was so amazing to meet all of you.

    If you don't already know - the AAA Foundation has some nice free

    brochures, check out:


    Also, don't forget to check out the Hartford's website for tons of downloadable material about Alzheimer's & Driving. You can also order free brochures from them, check it out at :



  • http://www1.aota.org/olderdriver/web-resources.html

    Thank you to all of the occupational therapists that took the time to attend our Driving Rehabilitation Program Development Mini-Grants workshop last weekend.  I look forward to the development of a wealth of new ideas captured creatively into additions to our on-line toolkit at www1.aota.org/olderdriver

    The link above takes you to a toolkit resource currently on the site - a listing of websites that you may find of interest.  As we discover more websites let me know and we'll work to continually update this and other resources.


  • Hi Everyone:

    It was an amazing weekend! Big Smile  I am so jazzed to be an OT and to be able to participate in this wonderful project.  I met with my little project team yesterday to catch them up on as much as I could about all that we learned and the resources & TA (new terminology for us all!) available to us.  They too have been bitten by the entusiasm bug!

    Thanks for all of the website posts.  I was wondering what you all thought about cataloging the free brochures, patient education materials and other wonderful resources we've learned about.  There is so much out there and as it is discovered, one of us could drop it into some format so those coming behind us do not have to dig to find things.  We have a huge list of websites that although containe wonderful information, you may not have the time to browse through when you are looking for something specific.  Perhaps this can be a deliverable for my group.  Any thoughts?  Does it exist already??


  • Hi, Robyn!

    As far as "cataloging" the materials....

    I was sketching out something similar to speak with Elin an Patty about, Robyn!  I am wondering if I could make a table that would map various referral sources/needs with the various materials that are out there/or will be developed.  My focus is on marketing our skills to the referral sources; I, too, was thinking it would be a good deliverable for the OT community.  I do not think it exists at this point.

    I think we're both onto something!  We could communicate more, as we go, so our work would complement and not overlap.  I say, keep handling and designing and envisioning!  We'll both speak with the "TAs" before we go too far! 


  • Hi Mary Jo:

    I love that you are thinking along similar lines!  I was thinking about this at a simpler level as a means of organizing the various resources so a therapist who was looking for family education materials, for example, could find the specific links to that information rather than sifting through each website.

    We'll talk some more as ideas progress!


  • Would this not be added to the "tool kit for professionals" under the AOTA  older driver site? Or were you thinking of something not so public?


  • Hi Everyone,

    It was great meeting all of you and I too am still riding the wave of excitement from the workshop!

    If you'd like to add research to your NHTSA resources, I have a couple of binders filled with research articles related to driving and assessments. I'd love to work with you to add it into your projects. Let me know if you think it would be helpful!