Finally I can take a big weight of my shoulders.  I no longer have to keep my lips sealed on who I am voting for.  Big Smile

Throughout this journey, I got to know a good bit of future leaders of our profession.  (In Dr. Clark terms, you can say I am "checking out my future competition"... lol!)  Like last year, I have the pleasure to develop some friendships and professional relationships with a good bit of the candidates.  But because I didn't go to the Student Conclave this school year, the Internet has become a medium where I get to know almost all the candidates.  Overall, I have enjoyed the experience and I can't wait to meet some of you in AOTA this year.

To my friends who won- Great job!  Congratulations!  May this be an opportunity for you to showcase your OT leadership talents.  You all will do great.

To my friends who missed the cut- Don't give up.  Don't view this as a detour.  Keep knocking on doors and there will be some that will be wide open for you.