I apologize this video is in Cantonese.  But anyway, what the clip was saying that people can develop something called "initially old syndrome", where the origin of this diagnosis is from usage of iPhone and/or iPad (or other similar devices) for a prolonged period of time on a regular basis.  This term was developed in Taiwan after a study about usage of these devices over there.

Now, why do I bring this topic?  Well, part of this diagnosis is related to stress from the day to day lives in modern society.  So, OT's are actually capable in addressing this area because part of health and wellness does deal with stress management.  Then, there's also the ergonomics element, since I bet almost everyone in OT would have an idea of the posture required in using these devices.  Next, how about self esteem?  As the clip mentioned, people who got this syndrome are more prone to get wrinkles at an earlier age (from constant muscle contractions with the face).  Finally, with the way technology is going nowadays, using a smart phone and/or other smart devices for multiple purposes is becoming a more and more common occupation for people.  (Heck, the bishop who came to my church last Sunday for a bishop visit presented her sermon via an iPad!)  Simply put, our profession is very capable to help a lot of people in "slowing their lives down" and be aware of the potential consequences of using it for a period longer than they are supposed to.  I believe that once the name of this diagnosis become more well known, our profession could be in high demand if we truly advocate for it.