I am sure most (if not all) of you have taken part of the McDonalds Monopoly sweepstakes at some point in your life.  This article is actually about it.

This article talks about how desperate some people are trying to win the top prizes in Hong Kong- a credit card account that has roughly equivalent of $40,000-$50,000 USD as well as a Volkswagen Beetle.  How desperate?  Some people are eating at McDonalds whenever they can.  Also, they will eat not one, but two combo meals and go large for both of them!  Moreover, some people are doing it just for winning his/her partner's heart!  One thing I have to say... that's "desperate times calling for desperate measures".  But, what's the price to pay for a shot at these wonderful prizes?  Well, they will be burning a ton of calories for sure!  Athletes can be more tolerable to such a diet because of their activeness.  But, for an average person were to eat 10 Big Mac combos per week, that would equate to 9450 calories.  Of course, there could be some desperate people who might go beyond this number.Confused  Of course, you can also imagine the sodium intake will also be in the "astronomical range".Surprise

This made me think of some OT things...

1. Even if it's temporary, that's an unhealthy lifestyle!  That's a lot of calories and sodium one has to intake and burn during these 6 weeks!

2. Education about the consequences!  I probably would have educated the girl whom a guy is chasing after in this news story.  According to the story, he will eat 2 large combos every meal for 4-5 days a week during the promotion to win the credit card account and his dream girl's heart.  All powers to him for doing that for 6 weeks.  But, that girl has got to know better!

3. Collecting and trading for these game pieces have become a popular occupation.  You read that right!  Aside from themselves, some people teamed up with their friends and eat at McDonalds religiously.  Also, they will even seek the dumpsters to see if anyone left some game pieces behind.  Lastly, there actually have been a Facebook fan page related to exchanging game pieces!!/mcdonalds.monopoly

What do you think?