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Private practice occupational health

I'm a consultant for occupational health and ergonomics in private practice in Maryland. In my world I spend time dealing with marketing, taxes, government and every now and again I get to work with a client (so it seems). Want to know what it takes?
  • pediatric clinic that wants to expand to offer story time and crafts...which insurance?

    Hi, I am an occupational therapist with my own sensory pediatric clinic. One of my goals is to branch out and open up my facility to offer story time, mom and me, sensory-related crafts, etc. The problem has been (I am in Pennsylvania) that I cannot...
  • private pay for wellness and quality of life services

    I am at the very beginning phase of starting a private practice focused on wellness and quality of life. I've worked over 30 years as an OT in various settings. I plan to be private pay to avoid the limitations forced by third party payers. Eventually...
  • Private practice and rules, rules, rules

    Well, I just attended a very interesting local chamber of commerce meeting (are you a member of your local chambers? If not, it makes really good business sense!). They were talking about LLC, C-corp, S-corp and taxation and accounting. My head may explode...
  • starting this blogging journey

    Well, this is my first blog attempt but I've been told this is the way to bring private practitioners together. All of us out there that work in ergonomics and occupational health and are OTs have skills and resources that need to be tapped. At conference...