In June, the AOTA Board of Directors approved the FY2014 Centennial Vision Priorities that put into focus key actions for the profession as we boldly navigate the changing world around us.  The priorities are directly linked to our Centennial Vision.  The priorities are separated into five key areas:

  1. Powerful and Widely Recognized
  2. Promotion & Advocacy
  3. Demonstrate & Articulate Our Distinct Value to Individuals, Organizations, and Communities
  4. Diversity & Global Connectedness
  5. Science, Evidence & Translation

I encourage you to visit to read more about the FY2014 priorities in their entirety.

The Centennial Commission had their first meeting of the fiscal year (which began on July 1) to thoroughly review the 2014 Centennial Vision Priorities and examine ways these various leadership groups of the Association can play an active role in achieving our priorities as we move closer to our Centennial.  The members of the Centennial Commission include the AOTA President, AOTA Vice President, Speaker of the Representative Assembly, Vice-Speaker of the Representative Assembly, Chair of OT Program Directors, Chair of OTA Program Directors, Chair of the Affiliated State Association Presidents, Chair of the Special Interest Sections Council, Chair of the Assembly of Student Delegates, a representative from the Multicultural Diversity & Inclusion Network.  As Vice President, I serve as chair of this group and we work collectively to advance the profession of occupational therapy on our Centennial Vision path focusing our efforts on the annual priorities set forth by the AOTA Board of Directors. 

As we enter the fall conference season for state occupational therapy associations my presentations are focused on the Centennial Vision and the 2014 priority to demonstrate and articulate the distinct value of occupational therapy to individuals, organizations, and communities.  I had the great pleasure of delivering the plenary at the New Mexico Occupational Therapy Association conference this past weekend and we rolled out #OTdistinctvalue on Twitter.  I encourage all members to reflect on the distinct value that occupational therapy brings to your practice setting and share it with us.  What is it that occupational therapy brings that other professions do not that is of value to the clients we serve and their families, to the organizations in which we work, and to the communities where we live?  I also invite everyone to follow #OTdistinctvalue on Twitter and share your thoughts as  we focus in on this priority and take action to boldly navigate a changing world!