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Your Profession, Your Future, Your Voice

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In the 2011 AOTA general elections 1,511 member’s votes were tallied.  With a membership base of 42,350; that means that less than 4% of the AOTA membership was heard in 2011!

In 2012, we need to hear from everyone!  The opportunities and challenges facing our profession are too large to sit back and be quiet.  Encourage your colleagues to log in, get informed and cast their votes as well.  AOTA drives the future of the profession which impacts the future of your practice. 

Don’t let the 2012 election polls close without your voice being heard. 

Then make sure to log in, vote, and make your voice heard at   

Voting ends February 28, 2012!


  • One notable challenge & opportunities is caused by the changes that will be made in DSM V, with autism getting a lot of the headlines.  I think the next few months will be critical, as I believe AOTA has to get the inside scoop of the changes, so that new/revised fact sheets and positional statements can be made when the changes become official.

  • I voted! Vote, and let your voice be heard this year!

  • Bill,

    I agree we need to be in on the ground floor on the autism issue.  This

    is an important topic to the community we serve, clients, practitioners, and students.  The membership needs to be ready to assist AOTA in this effort.

    I know you are!


  • Allison,

    Thanks for voting.....encourage others to do the same!