Hello everyone! Went to a FABULOUS event last evening, a dinner for the Long Island District of the New York State Occupational Therapy Association. It is always great to see old friends and network with new people in the OT world! I think it is so important for OT practitioners and students to get involved with their professional associations, both at the state and national level. It is the BEST way to stay informed and in the loop about upcoming changes and events. Most importantly, it shows your support :0)  Anyway, I enjoyed chatting with so many energetic and motivated OT practitioners, and also some promising students. Events like these always make me proud to be an OT and allow me to reflect on my own journey and how I got to the place I am now.

So whats cooking with the Gerontology Special Interest Section? A whole lot!  We had our first meeting this week as well, and I can tell you we have some GREAT stuff planned for 2014 Conference in Baltimore and for our upcoming Quarterly publications!  We will be devising new strategic goals to help guide our work for the next 3 years...if you have any ideas or suggestions for this, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS POST!!!!  We want to hear from YOU!!!!