This is a question that was asked on the OT Leadership Live Podcast.  I would like to take the opportunity to expand my response beyond the 3 minute podcast limit.  For me, this answer is a summary of the blog posts I have provided over the last few months on My OT Journey and My Leadership Journey.  Each of these experiences has provided me with a unique skillset that makes me the best candidate for the position of Vice President.  

What benefit I bring and WHY you should vote for me: 

I value honesty and reliability; doing what I say I am going to do.  I value authenticity, and being responsive to the needs of members and the profession.  It is important to me that members can feel that they can speak openly--I welcome such openness.  I value diversity of thought.  My aim is to be readily accessible to the membership and to fuel excitement for the future of our profession.  My thorough understanding of the Association, innovative approach to advance the profession, active listening skills, ability to meet people where they are and my experiences working with students, practitioners, educators, researchers as well as a diverse group of people within and outside of the profession make me the best candidate for Vice President of the American Occupational Therapy Association.  A vote for me is inherently a vote for an advocate for the occupational therapy profession.  A vote for me is a vote for the fresh and innovative candidate; a big thinker who is passionate about occupational therapy.  

Here is a summary of My OT Journey & My Leadership Journey with links to the original posts:

My 22-year OT Journey:  Who am I as an OT? I am a.....

• Clinician 
• Business Owner 
• Educator 
• Collaborator
• Speaker/Author
• Advocate

My Leadership Journey:  

• AOTA Director to the Board of Directors (2015—Present) 
• AOTA Board for Advanced & Specialty Cert. (2013-2015) 
• National Assoc. of Home Builders Director, Board of Directors (2013-Present)
• Home Builders Association of DE Associate VP (2013-2017)
• AOTA HCHSIS Prof. Development Coordinator (2012-2015) 
• DE Rep to the AOTA Representative Assembly (2010-2013) 
• DE OT Practice Board President (2006-2008), Secretary (05-06)
• President, Student Occupational Therapy Association, 1995