Sharing our occupational therapy experiences with one another is priceless.  Not only does it show the amazing work we do, it gives the profession an opportunity to demonstrate our distinct value to external professionals and stakeholders.

I have been invited to publish and present on local, state, national and international levels; in occupational therapy related venues/publications as well as external to the profession. I have also participated in research, presently in the process of completing a systematic/scoping review. Two quick recent examples of book chapters I authored:

Internal to the profession: I authored a chapter on Assistive Technology in Foundations of Theory and Practice for the Occupational Therapy Assistant, by Amy Wagenfeld.  

International & External to the profession:  I authored a chapter on Enabling health, well-being and engagement in life through ambient technologies; An occupational therapist’s lens, in Active and Assisted Living: Technologies and Applications, by Francisco Florez-Revuelta & Dr. Alexandros Andre.  I was honored to be the only occupational therapist to participate in this interprofessional collaboration.  

My experiences and comfort with communicating to diverse audiences and stakeholders—across state, local, national and international levels and in both written and public forums—in an effort to advance the occupational therapy profession, make me well suited for the role of Vice President of the American Occupational Therapy Association.


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