I have been an occupational therapist for 22 years.  During this time I have had the amazing opportunity to work in many capacities, including as a clinician in multiple practice settings, with multiple populations. The generalist in me wanted to explore a variety of practice areas and settings and what a journey it has been!  From this adventure I learned that I am a ‘neuro-therapist’ by heart, I am passionate about environmental modifications and assistive technology, and that I love being an occupational therapist. 

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Here’s a snapshot of my OT journey as a clinician: 

  • Hospital setting/medical model—too many populations to list as I have worked full-time and per diem:
    • Medical/surgical unit
    • ICU
    • Acute care
    • Sub-acute care
    • Coma recovery
    • Inpatient rehabilitation
    • Outpatient rehabilitation
    • Outpatient hand therapy
    • Community re-entry & day-hospital programs

  • Free-standing outpatient:
    • Low Vision—providing outpatient occupational therapy with a low vision optometrist to mostly older adult clients with low vision diagnoses (e.g. macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, etc.)

  • Long term care settings:
    • Assisted living
    • Skilled nursing facilities

  • Home Health setting


  • School setting—as an Assistive Technology Coordinator


  • Community practice—providing services within a community activities day program for young adults/adult with multiple severe disabilities.


  • Mental Health—as a student, completing Level II fieldwork