It has been an amazing couple of days in Baltimore already and lots of fun seeing many, many colleague and starting professional dialogue about a range of topics; some very familiar, some new.

Today is opening ceremony and I thrilled to share with two very special guests, my Partner Paul and a best friend, both of whom have heard lots and lots about the conference and getting to see it first hand for the first time.

A few initial thoughts, new learning and reaffirmations.........


  • We are making great progress toward our Centennial Vision! There are many hard working, brilliant and committed professionals all with our sites on 2017!
  • We have made great strides in becoming a more powerful and widely recognized profession (have you hear our ads on NPR?)
  • Our commitment to evidence and science is continuing to blossom.
  • Our global connections are increasing and are paying off in terms of knowledge and improved interventions for our clients.
  • Here at home we are becoming a more diverse profession along many fronts. 

Yesterday I participated in a 2 hour leadership training for the Representative Assembly with a focus on being a congrurent leader, one who's values and actions are aligned. I heard the term "legacy thinking" for the first time and it refers to the thinking that comes with having folks like me who have been involved in the association for over 30 years. It has its benefits but also its drawbacks. We have to remain open to new thinking, new learning, new systems and new challenges.

We examined some of the barriers that have held us back from being the most effective leaders we can be......I wondered about my focus on process and consensus and when that is a help, and when it may be a hindrance.

I thought about the learning of the last year, since last conference, and feel more confident that my values are guiding me on the right path as a volunteer leaders in AOTA. I am more committed than ever to promoting our profession, to mentoring the next generation, to promoting social justice and our involvement in meeting society's occupational needs.

It is always thrilling to be at conference and this year with 7000 or more attendees, it is going to be a whopper!

Opening ceremony! Woo Hoo!