Today is July 1st and it is my first official day on the AOTA Board of Directors as Secretary! Although the new members of the Board swung into action early on June 13th and 14th when we attended our orientation at AOTA headquarters in Bethesda on the 13th, followed by sitting on the one day Board meeting on the 14th when staff leadership presented the fiscal year 2014 budget to the Board for approval.

Lots of great things are happening including membership numbers projected to top 50,000 for the first times since the 1990's! This on top of a banner conference in San Diego and lots of hard work still to come on our Centennial Vision makes this a very exciting time for me indeed.

As they always do, our legislative staff did a great job of setting up visits to Capital Hill for us late on the day before the Board meeting  and along with our new RA Speaker, Francie Baxter, I visited the offices of the two Texas Senators (Senators Cornyn and Cruz) to advocate on behalf of our profession.

Being on the Board is a lot of work. As Secretary I will sit on the Bylaws, Policies and Procedures Committee (BPPC), be a voting member in the Representative Assembly (go RA!), and sit on the Appeals Board of the Commission on Ethics, all on top of my duties as Secretary and general Board responsibilities. It will be a busy 3 years but I am honored to work alongside our fabulous volunteers and staff!

I am going to work at blogging more often and will try and be crystal clear about whether the thoughts I am sharing are in my official capacity or as a member of the Association and the profession.....that is going to be tough to sort out sometimes!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Florence Clark for an amazing 3 years as President of AOTA. She worked tirelessly on our behalf and accomplished so much! She will be missed on the Board but I am looking forward to working closely with Ginny Stoffel who also takes office today as our new President.

As a member of the Board it is important that I do all that I can to hear the wide range of opinions of our members. Please feel free to message me anytime here on OTConnections, or to Email me at:

Happy Summer Everyone!