AOTA Health Care Reform Implementation Activities

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AOTA Health Care Reform Implementation Activities

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The AOTA Ad Hoc Committee on Health Care Reform Implementation is gearing up for annual conference in Indianapolis! If you are attending conference and are interested in hearing the latest updates, look out for the Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday Afternoon April 26th. The Ad Hoc is preparing a short PowerPoint presentation that will also be uploaded on the AOTA Website with attached notes so that any member can download the presentation and use it to lead a discussion or inservice in their setting.

Look in each issue of AJOT for the "Health Policy Perspectives" column. In the March/April issue, the Telehealth Working Group Chairperson Jana Cason presents, "Teleheatlh Opportunities in Occupational Therapy Through the Affordable Care Act" (pages 131-136).

Watch out for FACT sheets on key aspects of the Affordable Care Act on the AOTA Website and for alerts from our Federal Affairs staff in the 1 minute update.

If you have questions about OT and Health Care Reform, feel free to post them here and I will see that they are addressed!


  • Hello Brent Howard Braveman,

    I am a prospective student for Occupational Therapy. I am in the process of writing and completing my essays and one in particular has been a hurdle for me. The question is as follows, "Summarize your understanding of healthcare reform in the United States.  Describe how it will impact you as a consumer?  How will this impact you as a potential occupational therapist?"

    I have been reading article after article with the desire to educate myself on the health care reform and how it will effect me as a potential occupational therapist.

    In your perspective should I only focus on the positives, such as, the inclusion of mental health, substance abuse services, rehabilitation and habilitation services in the mandatory benefit package? would you have any further advice in writing this essay or any information on articles, books or other material that might help educate me in this matter?

    Thanks for your time,

    Mary Gallagher