Today was a perfect day as a professional.

Today I presented along with a large group of my physical therapy colleagues at the Texas Physical Therapy Association Conference in the The Woodlands, Texas.

These colleagues are all members of the staff I supervise and they submitted a full day workshop called "Spotlight on Oncology." The day highlighted the PT interventions provided in the Department but I was invited to present my scholarship on return to work research and work disability as it can be applied to the person with cancer. The day was amazing and so were my colleagues/staff!

Throughout the day I met so many professionals who value what occupational therapists bring to the team. I continually was thanked and congratulated for sharing my knowledge at the PT conference. Throughout the PT presentations of my staff, they stressed the value of interdisciplinary collaboration and no one gave better examples of the value of OT and of occupation as this amazing group of physical therapists as they described their complex interventions.

Today was one of those perfect days as a professional and as an occupational therapy and rehabilitation services manager!

Thanks! PTs!