The Representative Assembly is busily preparing for the upcoming meetings including the Online portion of the RA Task Groups here on OT Connections April 5-9 and the face-to-face meeting in Orlando at Annual Conference on April 27-29.

The Assembly is attempting to gather feedback from AOTA members via numerous means including a Zoomerang survey, a forum here on OT Connections specifically for members to provide comment or feedback to the Task Groups and through the efforts of our State Representatives as they meet with constituents in their home states.

I am highlighting the main items of business one by one in my blog, but you can also find the motions on the AOTA Website in the member only section under Leadership and Governance at:  the reports and the associated motions are in red with the word "action" and you can find the Zoomerang Survey right at the top of that page under the blue link that says "Give Your Feedback."

You can provide comment to the Task Group handling a specific motion in the forums at

There is much discussion currently about participation of AOTA members. Unfortunately RA Task Groups often have to move forward with debate with very little input from AOTA members. Please take this opportunity to participate by giving your feedback and let your voice be heard.

Brent Braveman, Speaker, Representative Assembly