Hello friends! Over the past eight weeks I have shared information about my skills and qualifications for excelling in carrying out the essential functions of a Board Director of the American Occupational Therapy Association:  


1. select and evaluate the performance of the Association Executive Director,

2. solicit input and determine the strategic direction for AOTA,

3. exercise fiduciary responsibilities to the Association,

4. serve as spokesperson for the Association and shall act as proponent of the Association’s mission, goals, and activities,

5. ultimately responsible to the membership for the performance of AOTA,

6. maintain a working knowledge of the Association bylaws, policies, procedures, positions, and activities,

7. act as trustee of the assets of the membership, and

8. serve to increase the Association’s visibility and enhance its positions with members, other health professions, policy makers, and the public.


Please contact me if you have questions or would like more information. The voting window for the AOTA election opens today. Your vote matters so please take the time to express your views on the leadership of the Association. Follow me on TWITTER @OTSusanT.