Share Your #OccupationalTherapyJourney & Get Inspired By Your Colleagues

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Share Your #OccupationalTherapyJourney & Get Inspired By Your Colleagues

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Was there a moment in your career that defined you as a clinician? How did you get to where you are today?

Earlier this month an OT in the U.K. shared about her reasons for becoming an occupational therapist. She asked people to use the #occupationaltherapyjourney hashtag to tell their own stories.

Dozens of your colleagues started sharing their journeys. Some talked about how they experienced occupational therapy firsthand as a client.

Others shared about how they were considering health care careers and were intrigued by occupational therapy.

Several people shared how they found out about OT after a family member or loved one got occupational therapy services.

A lot of people experienced OT during volunteer work or shadowing. They saw OT in action and wanted to be a part of it!

You'll also find some advice when looking through the hashtag! 

It's Your Turn!

What are you waiting for? Go share your own journey and reasons for becoming an OT practitioner (or student!) by using the #occupationaltherapyjourney hashtag on Twitter (or Facebook or Instagram or any platform you'd like!).

You can even leave a comment here on this post. To comment, please log in to OT Connections (it's free to join!).

  • Great Idea. Everyone's experience and journey is so motivational!