Over the past year, your colleagues found these articles and resources the most helpful for their career. From learning how to use new OT evaluation CPT® codes to getting inspired when Al Roker thanked the occupational therapy profession, find the most popular AOTA content of 2017.

Top Three Resources on AOTA.org

New OT evaluation CPT codes went into effect on 1/1/2017 so it’s not surprising that our resource listing on the new evaluation codes was one of the top used in 2017.

The AOTA coding resources page has information about ICD-10, G codes, CPT, and more.  

We launched the occupational profile template in 2017, which is designed to help you improve your documentation. 

Top Three on OT Connections

Your colleagues loved watching this video of Al Roker thanking OT practitioners for the work they do and for how they helped his son.

Despite being a couple years old, this post with 75 OT tools that cost less than $1 continues to be very popular.

The most popular forum post in 2017 was this one asking for group activity ideas for a community mental health center.

Top Three on AJOT

Did you know as an AOTA member you can access the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Domain and Process for free? The Framework was the most popular item on AJOT.

Another popular resource is the Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics (2015), which was the second most visited on AJOT.

It was published in 2006, but this AJOT article about OT activities and intervention techniques for clients with stroke was another most viewed in 2017.

Top Three on OTCentennial.org

The video of occupational therapy’s history debuted at Annual Conference and was one of the most popular pages on OTCentennial.org

The OT Archive editorial board selected 100 influential people in the occupational therapy profession. That listing was one of the most popular sections of the website.

Photos of occupational therapy’s first decade—the 1910s—was also a top page.

Top Shared in 2017

Your colleagues loved these documentation dos and don’ts so much that it was one of the most shared articles from 2017.

In 2017 we launched our What OT Can Do video series. Several of the clips were among the most shared including this one about how OT helped Brandon who had a double amputation after an IED explosion in Afghanistan and this one about how OT has helped this child with autism “find herself.”

You all loved the proclamation that George H.W. Bush signed declaring October 14, 1992, “National Occupational Therapy Day.”

Your Top Three?

What were the top three occupational therapy-related resources, articles, or videos of 2017 for you personally? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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