World OT Day will be here soon (October 27!), and we’ve got the perfect thing to help you promote OT.

Thanks to powerful client stories, the videos from our What OT Can Do series show how OT can help people with TBI, autism, mental illness, and many more conditions in a variety of settings.

Are these stories inspiring you to tell your own? Learn how to tell a short, well-told story that has meaning and is memorable. Get six tips for telling an effective client story

Traumatic Brain Injury

Check out how occupational therapy looked at all aspects of this OT client's life and incorporated activities that are meaningful to him after a TBI. Share the video.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Hear from a mother of a child who is deaf and has autism about how occupational therapy has made a huge difference in her daughter's life. Share the video.

Learning Work Skills

Chronic illness and depression won’t stop Christine. Occupational therapy is helping her learn the skills she needs to transition to independent living. Share the video.

Veterans and Service Members

After a double amputation, Brandon is appreciative of how occupational therapy helped him return to the activities he wants and needs to do, like driving and playing with his son on the playground. Share the video.

Transitioning to Independent Living With a Mental Illness

His goal was to go out and do things on his own. Thanks to occupational therapy, Dennis is interacting with his community and not just focusing on his mental illness. Share the video.

Aging Safely at Home

With the help of occupational therapy, this client who has COPD learned energy conservation skills and made easy modifications to her house to enable her to continue living at home. Share the video.

Hand Rehabilitation

What can occupational therapy do for someone who wants to use their hands again after an injury or surgery? Check out how occupational therapy helped Cynthia get back to what's important to her. Share the video.

After a Stroke

What can occupational therapy do for you after you've had a stroke? Check out how an OT used a task that was important to her client to help her reach her goals. Share the video.

Changing Lives

Jessica and Patrick are Boston Marathon survivors and they share how OT has made such a huge impact on their marriage and lives. Share the video.

Entire Video

Want to display the breadth of the occupational therapy profession? You can share the entire 13-minute video that interweaves these stories and more:

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