If you’re feeling a little burned out or stressed at work, it might be time to take a moment and reflect.

First, for some inspiration, I recommend you read this open letter to a “weary therapist” where a mom whose son gets OT thanks the therapists in her son’s life.

"It’s not the glamorous career you envisioned in college. You just wanted to help to people, to give someone the gift of independence. You wanted to make others’ lives better, and sometimes you wonder if it’s worth it. You wonder if you’re making a difference.
Quit wondering.
You are a difference maker.
You battle on the front line."

A man reflectingI love this quote in the post: “Thank you for choosing a career that gives life.” Read it here.

Ready to start reflecting?

Here are a few ways to do that:

This OT Practice article discusses the idea of reflective practice (AOTA member login). Learn about how you can become a more reflective occupational therapy practitioner by asking the three questions in the article.

Another way to reflect on your career is to identify your core values. AOTA’s leadership development programs use this exercise to help participants focus on their personal development. Find out why core values are important.

Feeling stressed at work? These three techniques for managing stress helped decrease stress levels of occupational therapy practitioners in a pilot study (AOTA member login).

What are your favorite ways to reflect on your practice? Tell us in the comments.

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