Apparently millennials are obsessed with self-care, according to this NPR article. More millennials report making personal improvement commitments than any other generation and spend twice as much on self-care for things like workouts, diets, life coaching, and apps to improve well-being.

How can occupational therapy tap into the enthusiasm for healthy living? One of your colleagues has an idea.

Meet Hannah, an occupational therapist based in London, who draws and posts illustrations on Instagram with the hashtag #boringselfcare. Hannah’s posts highlight the ordinary self-care we all do—you know, activities of daily living—such as cutting your toe nails and doing the dishes.

Most self-care you’ll read about on social media tends to focus on fancy things like bath salts or massages.

Hannah told Mashable, “in my profession, we talk about self-care involving a much wider range of occupations, or things you have to do every day — doing the dishes, washing, dressing, housework, laundry.”

Read the article on Mashable and follow Hannah on Instagram @makedaisychains.

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