OT Month is in April! As we go out to promote occupational therapy, it is often helpful to share stories of how OT has helped clients.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes clients of OT have the best definitions of the profession?

In a recent OT Practice article the founder of Jiffy Lube, Jim Hindman, shares how much occupational therapy has helped him get back to his day-to-day life after being diagnosed with macular degeneration. In the article he says of OT, “teaching a person to rejoin the world is like giving someone their life back.”

Hindman also says occupational therapy practitioners have not only the medical knowledge, “but also the skills of a psychologist, motivator, coach, and cheerleader.” Read the article here (AOTA member login required).

At AOTA’s Annual Conference & Centennial Celebration, attendees heard several powerful client stories at the Welcome Ceremony and were invited to share their own stories in the OT Story BoOTh.

A client of Penelope Moyers told her that she helped him find his joy.

A participant in the story booth said that her 4-year-old said, “my mom’s an OT and she helps people help themselves.”

The next time you find yourself needing to define occupational therapy, why not tell a client story that illustrates the power of the profession? Lana Warren and Rebecca Martin of Kennedy Krieger share examples of powerful stories and provide six tips for storytelling on our website.

Warren also wrote a recent OT Practice article about storytelling with even more tips for crafting a story (AOTA member login required).

Are you ready to tell your client stories? Help promote this profession during OT Month and beyond by sharing powerful stories. We are creating a video bank of client stories. Find out how to contribute at the end of this article.

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