Tell Us Why You Love Occupational Therapy: #IheartOT

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Tell Us Why You Love Occupational Therapy: #IheartOT

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Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day, so why don’t you take a moment today to remember why you love being in the occupational therapy field.

Read what your colleagues are saying and add your own in the comments or on social media with the #IheartOT hashtag.

#iheartOT because I get to learn about people's most meaningful occupations - farming, biking, quilting, video games, etc.
- Jaclyn Schwartz @JaclynOT

occupational therapy heart

Getting to travel the world and meet fellow OT's from across the globe and exchange knowledge & ideas.
-Bill Wong, OTD, OTRL @BillWongOT
This is always my fave: “Our role consists in giving opportunities rather than prescriptions.” -Meyer, 1922
-Allison Sullivan @AllisulliOTProf
It's not limited. We can work in so many fields (e.g. community, neuro, mental health) and assist many populations
-Thrasher @_SamSation
Solving perceived problems that were previously thought to be unsolvable.
- Dr. Heather Pena OTR @DrPtheOT
I ‚̧being an OT because I love people. And I love making them happy by giving them meaningful success where I can! #IheartOT
- pril franco @prilbo
when kids learn new skills in OT that transfer to real life. "Ms Turke, look what I can do now!" hearing that! #iheartOT
-Stacy Turke @StacyTurkeOT 

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  • I love OT the most when a patient/client says something to the effect of "I was able to do _____ today!" In my setting that mostly has to do ADLs. I love helping people get their ability to dress, shower, performing grooming and hygiene, etc. I recently had surgery so I got a reminder of just how frustrating it is to lose some of your independence. I love that OT helps people regain that!

  • I've recently been accepted into the MOT Program at Shenandoah University and I'm looking forward to working with children ages birth to 3 years who are born prematurely and/or low birth weight.  To be apart of child's , behavioral, physiological and physical development and to.serve as a support system for the family as the child overcomes obstacles will be a highlight in my career.  Turning the "can't into can" and the "impossible possible" is why #IHeartOT.