Mealtime is an important routine we do every day. Read on for resources to share with your clients and for ideas to advance your practice in this area.

Share With Your Clients

If your clients and their families are looking for help with mealtime and feeding, the links below can help answer their questions.

AOTA’s mealtime routines tip sheet provides ideas and tips for families trying to establish a routine that is not just about food consumption, but also about being social with your family and developing healthy habits and manners.

A group of occupational therapy bloggers recently shared a series of posts on the topic of meal times. Check them out:

Mom and daughter prepping a meal.

Tools for Your Practice

If you’re looking to advance your practice in the area of mealtime and feeding, check out these OT Practice articles on that topic (all require an AOTA member login).

Picky eaters? Create a positive relationship with food with a strengths-based perspective like the one featured in this article. You’ll also find five interventions to help with food refusal.

Sharing a family meal at a restaurant can be difficult for families who have children with special needs. Read about an OT collaboration with a local restaurant to provide a sensory-friendly dining atmosphere.

When a child is transitioning from a g-tube to oral eating, you can try these 8 strategies to address the sensory sensitivities that might be a barrier to the transition.

Children in inpatient rehabilitation often find themselves eating lonely meals in front of a TV and treats become standbys to help control a stressful time. But healthy eating should be a priority, and this program seeks to deliver comprehensive, client-centered care with meal prep groups, active living initiatives, and environmental interventions.

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