Don't Practice in a Vacuum: Join in on These Conversations With Your OT Colleagues

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Don't Practice in a Vacuum: Join in on These Conversations With Your OT Colleagues

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Have you checked out OT Connections lately? If you’re reading this blog, you’re on OT Connections—welcome! Our online community for OT practitioners and students is the place for you to have conversations with your colleagues and get and give answers, ideas, feedback, and more.

The best part about the OT Connections forums for AOTA members is that they are private and secure.

Want to join in on a conversation? Here’s a few to get you started:

At what age should we start teaching keyboarding? Share evidence.

Are you using social media to grow your professional network and to promote the profession? Find out what your colleagues are doing.

A recent grad seeks advice as they are new to early intervention and feeding.  

The OT profession is 91% women and 85% white. Join this conversation to get and share ideas for creating a diverse workforce.

Have grip modification ideas for someone with a spinal cord injury? Share ideas here.

Do you have experience with Dandy Walker Syndrome? A school OT asks for experiences.

Ever had clients who refused to use assistive tech for fear that it would “out” their disability? See what your colleagues are saying about this topic.

Imagine you could take a primary care physician with you on a home visit to see what your clients home environments look like and what challenges they have. This OT has that opportunity and wants to know what you would show the physician.

Would you recommend a traveling OT job to a recent grad? This new grad is asking for advice.

OT Connections is free!

If you’re not an AOTA member, you can still be a part of OT Connections as it is free to join. We have some public forums for you to participate in. Learn more about the benefits of AOTA membership here.

What are some of your favorite conversations going on now on OT Connections? Tell us about it in the comments.

To comment, please log in to OT Connections (it's free to join!).

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