Occupational therapist Holly Cohen gave a TED talk today at TED 2016 about designing accessible toys for children with disabilities.

OT Holly Cohen's TED TalkHolly shared the stage with the likes of Shonda Rhimes and the cofounder of Airbnb, Joe Gebbia.

Although there was no live stream of her talk, audience members tweeted about it using the #TED2016 hashtag.

Check out a few quotes that people tweeted during Holly's talk:

We loved the quote about focusing on what people CAN do, not what they cannot do.

Next week, AOTA’s associate editor Andrew Waite will interview Holly about her TED talk, and we’ll share that interview with you as soon as it’s posted to AOTA’s website. For now, check out these great photos all courtesy of TED Conference's Flickr.

Congratulations Holly! You’re helping make the profession of occupational therapy be widely recognized!

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