We often focus on apps that you can use in your occupational therapy practice and daily lives, but what about apps that your clients love to use?

 Here are a few health-related apps that are popular in the Google Play store and on iTunes:

Kitchen Stories: Client needs to eat healthier? This app can help—it has lots of recipes and step-by-step photo instructions, recipe videos, and how-to videos. Free for Android and iOS devices.

Fabulous: Motivate Me. This app helps users coach themselves to reach goals like sleeping better and losing weight by instilling better habits and routines. Free for Android devices (iOS app coming soon).

Symple: This app allows users to simply keep track of symptoms. Users can take photos of symptoms, record medications, exercise, and other factors influencing how you feel. Then they can share an overview with their physician and export the data to a spreadsheet. Free for iOS devices.

Occupational therapist Elizabeth Hart shared a few apps that her clients love.

FitBit: Ever wonder if there were an app that an 18 year old and an 88 year old would love? Well, it’s FitBit, according to Elizabeth. Users purchase and wear a FitBit product that tracks steps, distance, active minutes, and more. The device syncs with a free app that provides a dashboard for users to keep track of their activity (App free for Android, iOS, and Windows devices).

Diabetik: Elizabeth’s clients with diabetes use this app to manage their condition. Diabetik claims for the first diabetes app that not only listens, but also learns from you. Free for iOS devices.

Elizabeth says, “simply giving clients a tool to track their health behaviors can often be the most effective & powerful intervention.”

OT Nicole Lamoureux shared a few apps:

Pillboxie: her clients use this app for prescription management (free for iOS). Also check out our post with more apps for medication management here.

Well Being Plus / Connect: Nicole's clients use this app for scheduling appointments (free for Android and iOS devices).

Red Panic Button: A caregiver of one of Nicole's clients uses this app when she is away from her mom. You set up emergency contacts in advance, (email or SMS) and when you press the button it uses the device's GPS to send your location (free for Android and iOS devices).

Both Nicole and OT David McGuire said their clients use this next app:

Lumosity: The app has brain puzzles that can be good for clients with cognitive or visual impairments (free for Android and iOS devices).

I envision this post to be “crowd sourced,” so please share apps that your clients love to use in the comments or on twitter (tweet at @aotainc) and I’ll add them to the post!

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