Reminder Apps to Stand Up & AOTA HQ's New Standing Desks

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Reminder Apps to Stand Up & AOTA HQ's New Standing Desks

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By now you’ve probably heard that some are saying sitting is the new smoking. We know that smoking causes many preventable but deadly diseases, and now researchers are saying prolonged sitting is just as bad for your health.

If you have clients who sit at a desk all day (or perhaps you spend a lot time sitting), you’ll want to check out these apps that can remind you to stand up and move.

The first app was developed with the help of AOTA member Karen Jacobs. Stretch Break for Kids recently launched an Android version of the app, and it’s free for Apple and Android devices. You set how often you’d like to be reminded to stand up, and the app notifies you and gives you a series of stretches to prevent repetitive strain injuries.

Here are a few more apps to try:

  • Break Reminder (free, Android): a simple app that reminds you to take a short break. You set how long you’d like to work and the length of your break. The app displays a countdown till your break and will notify you when it’s time to get up.
  • Stand Up (free, Apple): Set a reminder interval (from 5 minutes to 2 hours) and the app will play an alarm when it’s time to stand up. You can customize the app to your work schedule so you set it once and forget it.
  • Move a Bit (free, Android): This app focuses on reminding you to take a few steps throughout the day. It reminds you when it’s time to move a bit.
  • Move (free, Apple, with in-app purchases): This app reminds you to stand up and do an exercise at regular intervals that you choose. The app has more than 300 exercises and you can choose to turn specific exercises on and off.

To help keep office employees safe, some organizations are investing in standing desks. AOTA recently completed a renovation of our headquarters, and now all staff members have desks that adjust from sitting to standing desks with a push of the button.

AOTA’s Board of Directors was in town last week and toured the new space. Check out AOTA President Ginny Stoffel testing out one of the new standing desks.

Speaking of standing desks, an occupational therapist is quoted in this article from Duluth News Tribune about standing desks for better health. And another OT wrote an article for Richmond Family Magazine about standing desks and "walkstations" (desks with treadmills).

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  • This helps a lot during the holidays also when there is little less workload and no patients showing up in the clinic. We keep on reading documents and make new plans while sitting for long hours. Also, Apple Watch helps a lot to remind ourselves about standing up and take few steps. Thank you for sharing this information.