Whether it’s a bumbo seat or an exersaucer, many parents look for ways to help keep their babies safe and, well, contained. Unfortunately some of these items can not only cause motor delays down the road, but they can also be unsafe.

We rounded up posts from OT bloggers about this topic for you to share with your clients.

Five Ways to Support a Wobbly Sitter

Mama OT has written about the dangers of the bumbo seat before, and in this post a guest OT blogger has five ideas to help support a wobbly sitter that are much better than the bumbo.

Avoid the Container Shuffle With Your Baby

Starfish Therapies writes about how parents with babies should try to avoid what they call the “container shuffle”—moving baby from “sleep (crib), eat (highchair), play (exersaucer), calm down (bouncer seat), sleep (crib), eat (highchair), play (positioning seat), calm down (swing) etc.” Check out why container shuffle is not good for baby and some tips for parents with fussy babies.

 Baby Items You Don’t Need

Speaking of containers, Pink Oatmeal has a great post that goes over the baby items you don’t need (it includes the bumbo seat and exersaucer). Chanda says, “baby equipment isn’t necessarily a bad thing it’s the overuse of equipment that we want to stay away from.”

Should You Walk Your Baby?

A blogger shared her 9 reasons why you shouldn’t walk babies, and Starfish Therapies responds with why sometimes walking a baby is used in therapy.

One theme from all of these posts? Floor time is the best for a baby’s independent exploration and development.

If you need ideas on making tummy time a routine (and not so terrible!), check out our Tummy Time Tip Sheet.

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