Toy shopping can be overwhelming. Whether for parents or for family members and friends, it can be tough knowing which toy will be fun and developmentally appropriate.

 As many of us get ready for toy shopping this holiday season, occupational therapy practitioners are sharing their recommendations and ideas for picking developmentally appropriate (and fun!) toys for all children.

Share these tips with your clients and anyone else who needs to buy a toy (or three!) this holiday season.

Toys for All Children

  • Abby at the OT Café blog is writing a series about OT-approved toys. She’s breaking the toys down by age group and provides lots of reasons why the toys are fun and she lists the skills addressed by the toy (e.g., fine motor, sorting, color identification). Read the whole series here

Toys for Children with Special Needs

  • Heather at Golden Reflections blog shares five tips for buying toys for children with special needs, including what to ask the parents before buying the toy (e.g., does the child have a special hobby or interest they enjoy?). Get them all here

Tech Toys

Fine Motor Skills Toys

Toy Shopping Checklists

What are your tried and true tips for picking out toys? Have you come across any other posts or checklists that are worth sharing with clients? Tell us in the comments.

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