AOTA’s apps database is one of the many benefits of being a member of AOTA. We’ve highlighted hundreds of apps—categorized by practice area—that you can use with clients or to make your life or job easier. The best part is that your colleagues submit the apps that we feature.

We recently added dozens of new apps to the database, and I wanted to give you a sneak peek of a new category within the Children & Youth practice area—Executive Function. Below are three free (well, for Android at least) apps that you can use with clients who may have issues with executive function.

These three apps can help with planning, organizing, strategizing, and remembering details.

1) 30/30 App
This app is only available for Apple devices and is free. It’s a time management app where users set up a list of tasks to accomplish and the time needed to complete them. The app’s timer will tell users when to move on to the next task.

2) MyHomework Student Planner App
This free app is available for both Android and Apple devices. (It’s also perfect timing since students are heading back to school.) This app is designed for students from middle school through college to help track classes, projects, tests, and homework. 

3) ToodleDo
Free for Android and $2.99 for Apple devices. Organize your to-do lists and notes with this app that allows users to track priority of tasks, flag tasks, audible pop up reminders, timers, and more. 

AOTA members can log in and see all of our executive function apps here. Learn more about the AOTA Apps Database here. Have apps that you love to use and want to share with colleagues? Let us know about it here.

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