We're in the final week of the #OTLifeHack campaign! We've already had thousands of tweets about life hacks, and we're hoping to end the campaign strong. We wanted to inspire you to start hacking and to take out your camera or phone and snap pictures of those hacks before the end of July.

We've rounded up 10 of the more popular hacks to inspire you!

1) From Mama OT: Cut sticker in half & place in each shoe to help preschooler know which shoe goes on left & right.

2) From OT Notes: Use contrasting color dishes and placemats to help those with low vision or perception.

3) From Abby Pediatric OT: Know a kiddo that can't quite turn the pages in a book? Use rubber pads to make an adapted board book.

4) Use a staple remover to open up a stubborn keychain ring.

5) From Mama OT: Use a mirror to make tummy time more fun & engaging for your baby!

6) From OT Notes: Suction cup bowls are great for toddlers, people with tremors, or less control of arms (cerebral palsy and Parkinsons). Bowls pictured are by Munchkin (and are readily available) but more neutral models of suction cup bowls are available for adults by catalog.

7) From Abby Pediatric OT: Have a student that is having trouble sitting still in class? Try tying an old bicycle tire tube around the legs of the chair so the student can kick and fidget into the tube while receiving some proprioceptive input.

8)  From Mama OT: Remove 2 or 4 legs from baby play table to create a new play experience for babies!

9) From Abby Pediatric OT: Know a student with a hooked wrist when writing? Or difficulty copying from the board? Or difficulty placing letters on the line? A writing slant board may help. Velcro a clipboard to a some binders to create your own writing slant board. 

10) Use a skirt hanger on a cabinet knob in the kitchen to get your recipe up to eye level (and make more room on the counter!).