Throughout July, occupational therapy practitioners and students around the world are sharing their life hacks. Life hacks are shortcuts or tricks that can help you solve everyday problems.

We’ve been retweeting and pinning the OT life hacks shared so far this month. Check out our Pinterest board of OT Life hacks.  

 Thanks to MamaOT, OT Café, and @Teejaylee for letting us use their photos.

Today several OT bloggers put together their favorite life hacks in a blogger "hackathon." They have some great ideas that we wanted to share.

Abby at OT Café shared five of her favorite OT life hacks, which include a way to help a student who fidgets a lot and can’t sit still in a chair and a homemade slant board. 

 Thank you, Abby, for giving us permission to post your photo.

Christie at Mama OT shared 30 life hacks to make life easier for you and your child. She has hacks for children of all ages and hacks for parents and caregivers. We love the hack about getting your baby to release their death grip on your hair. 

Tonya at Therapy Fun Zone shared nine life hacks for holding cards, drinking through a straw, finger strengthening, and more. Your Therapy Source shared three hacks. Finally, Your Kids OT shared a couple of her favorite life hacks (including how to get playdough unstuck from your carpet!).

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