A life hack is any trick, shortcut, skill, or new method that solves an everyday problem. Use a staple remover to open up a key ring. Hang a skirt hanger on a cabinet knob to keep your recipes at eye level. Occupational therapy is full of helpful “life hacks.”

We partnered with OT associations around the world to encourage OT practitioners and students to share their #OTLifeHack on social media in July. Today is the official kickoff of our month-long social media campaign!

We want to share with the world how many life hacks that occupational therapy has to offer. Use the hashtag #OTLifeHack to share your hacks on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Snap photos, write blog posts, or just tweet your hacks!

We can’t wait to see what you share.

Start hacking!

AOTA is partnering with the following organizations for the OTLifeHack campaign: Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists, British Association of Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapy Australia, Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland, and Ogranizaciones de Terapia Ocupacional en Espana.

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