The OT world probably understands this best—you don’t need to spend a fortune on therapy activities. In fact, some of your best ideas probably come from homemade or recycled materials. Are you looking for some new homemade ideas? We found a few OT bloggers sharing their ideas.

*Thanks to Mama OT for permission to use her photos. See her blog post here.

Infinity Loop
Sure, you can spend $40 on that fancy infinity loop…or you could just make it yourself! Tonya at Therapy Fun Zone has a post on making your own infinity loop from paper plates and duct tape. Check it out here.  

OT Life Hack
Karen at Miss Awesomeness is writing about the idea of “functional fixedness,” which is how we have a cognitive bias to see only an object’s intended purpose and not necessarily think or realize how it could be used differently. She talks about how she uses phone books and hangers in a variety of ways with clients.

25 Fine Motor Activities Using Household Items
Christie at Mama OT blog shares 25 fine motor activities that can be done with household items. She has ideas using objects such as toothpicks, spice containers, clothespins, pipe cleaners, colanders, and more. Check them out.

Recycling OT
Did you know there’s a whole blog about using recycled materials for OT? It’s called Recycling OT, and Barbara shares her ideas (with pictures and videos). We like this post about creating your own straw holder and this one about ideas for getting a client to use the weaker hand. Read all of the posts here.  

What about you? What homemade activities and recycled materials do you use with your clients? Tell us in the comments.

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