Back in March we shared an article on CNN that talked about the health benefits of crafting that mentioned occupational therapy. The Washington Post recently ran a similar article about knitting and occupational therapy.

The article describes how crafters have long known the therapeutic benefits of activities such as knitting and crocheting. They interviewed AOTA member Sharon Gutman who says, “mind-stimulating activities such as these have been used by occupational therapists to alleviate symptoms of depression and to help improve motor functions in people with illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease.”

 Read the article here.

Of course you understand the important of occupation—it’s a fundamental principle of occupational therapy.

AOTA Press recently published the 4th edition of The Texture of Life: Occupations and Related Activities. The book includes case examples and exercises to help you think through the clinical reasoning process.

You’ll be guided through examples of occupation-based interventions and learn how to transfer the new knowledge into practice. Check it out here (AOTA members get a discount).

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