I don’t know about you, but I would always welcome having more time in my day to do the things that are important and valuable to me. We know that occupational therapy practitioners and students often feel the time crunch, so for OT Month we wanted to share some apps that can help you save (and manage) time.

Time Saving Notetaking Apps
Whether you need some help organizing your notes from work, school, or just your personal life, there are several apps that can help you be more organized.

 1) Evernote: Possibly the most popular notetaking app, this app is perfect if you’re constantly writing notes or lists on multiple devices (your work phone, home computer, work computer, tablet, etc.). Evernote syncs them all and also has lots of bells and whistles (such as reading the text on a photo you took with your phone’s camera so that it is searchable and recording and saving your voice notes).
Free for Android and Apple.

 2) Bamboo: If you prefer the old school style of handwriting your notes and lists, download the bamboo app where you can write and sketch with your finger or a stylus on your device and save the notes you create.
Free for Android and Apple.

Time-Saving To Do List Apps
 3) Taskos To Do List: Sometimes just having a to do list can help you save time by prioritizing your tasks. This app allows you to add tasks by typing them in or speaking and recording them.
Free for Android.


 4) Wunderlist: Create to-do lists, annotate your lists with subtasks, notes, due dates, and set up reminder notifications. The free organizational app will help you keep track of all of your to do lists. Another great feature is that you can share your lists with others.
Free for Android and Apple.

Keep Track of Your Time
Whether you need to track time for billing and documentation, or you just want to make sure you’re not spending too much time reading Facebook, these apps can help you keep track.

 5) Time Tracker: Keep track of the time you spend with each client with this app. Open the app when you start a project, click start and then click end when you’re done. You can export your time to Excel and the app includes other helpful features.
Free for Android, $4.99 for Apple.

 6) FreshBooks: If you have a business or doing any work where you need to invoice and track expenses, this app can keep you organized. Track your time when working on a project, send professional-looking invoices from the app, snap a photo of receipts to save for your records, and more.
Free for Android and Apple.

Don’t Waste Time!
These aren’t mobile apps, but they can help you save lots of time (thanks to Release Your Inner Nerd by Beth Ziesenis for these)

 7) Keepmeout: Keepmeout.com can be very helpful when you need to get work done on a computer. You can set warnings for yourself if you go to certain pages more than once in a time period (e.g., warn me if I go to Facebook more than once in 60 minutes) and have it warn you every day, every weekday, and only during certain hours.

8) Hitmelater: Say you get an email and you read it, but you just don’t have time to respond. You can use hitmelater to automatically re-send the email to you in a set amount of time (the free version is only up to 24 hours, but the exec option at $30/year allows you to re-send email up to 1 year later). Think of it as a snooze button for your email! 
Free options available.

 9) IFTTT: Think of all of the tasks that you do on your computer or mobile device that are repetitive. Do you save every photo that you post on Instagram to your Dropbox folder? Do you tweet a link to every new blog post that you write? IFTTT (If This Then That) allows you to automate these tasks so you never have to worry about them again.

Personal Life Time Management
Most of these apps can help you professionally, but what’s the one thing you always do no matter what? Go grocery shopping!

 10) Grocery IQ app: Step away from the pen and pad and start using this app to create your shopping lists for the grocery store. Add items to your list by scanning the barcode, typing in the product, or going through your favorites and history. Once your list is created, the app organizes your list by aisle and can help you manage your coupons.
Free for Android and Apple.