Happy Occupational Therapy Month! April is OT Month!

We asked our Facebook friends what they were doing to celebrate OT Month this year, and we had to share some of their great ideas.

  • Nanditta L. is teaching an inservice on maximizing independence
  • Three OTA students in Kentucky are promoting OT with an ad on a local radio station.
  • TaLisa L. got interviewed by her local TV station about occupational therapy
  • Lots of people are using OTRex to help spread the word about occupational therapy
  • Sean S. ran a charity race wearing a t-shirt that defines occupational therapy
  • Katryna A. spent the first week of April doing her first Level I fieldwork
  • The OTs at the Rochester School Department in New Hampshire had their mayor make a proclamation for OT Month.
  • Several OTs posted flyers around your facility about OT, featured OT Month info on your facility’s screensaver, or have a message about OT Month on the facility’s electronic sign outside.
  • OT students at the Ohio State University promoted OT to the other students on campus with games and demonstrations
  • Students at Shenandoah University posed for photographs demonstrating their favorite occupations.
  • Danielle L.’s facility celebrates OT Month by having the PTs throw parties and a “cruise” for the OTs (the OTs return the favor during PT Month!).
  • Every Monday in April, TWU students have “OT Spirit Days”

Find out more about these activities and read about some others on the Facebook post here.

If you haven’t already checked it out, the March 31 issue of OT Practice magazine features lots of ideas about how to promote the profession for OT Month. Read the article here (AOTA member log in required).

Here are a few of their ideas:

Students in Pennsylvania hosted an inclusion dance at a local high school for students with disabilities. They decided to host the dance because many students who have a disability miss out on this milestone of high school years—formals and proms.

The New York State Occupational Therapy Association has a lobby day in April every year. Last year they were invited onto the Senate Floor by fellow occupational therapist and State Senator Tim Kennedy (Buffalo) to talk about the importance of occupational therapy.

Students at Kean University took advantage of the fact that April is also Autism Awareness Month by hosting a family breakfast for families with children with autism. The community-based event gave parents the opportunity to network and learn more about occupational therapy.

What have you been doing to celebrate OT Month? Are you going to use any of these ideas this year? Let us know in the comments.

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