One of my favorite parts of a new year is reading all of the “listicles” of top posts, most commented, etc. We had so much fun with all of you on Facebook this past year, and we wanted to look back and see what was the most popular with all of you! Our 40,000+ friends.

The top five posts of 2013 were:

1) We had a tech-focused OT Month in 2013 and shared free web tools and apps throughout April (see the apps posts here and the tech tools here). On the first day of OT Month, this graphic that we created for FREE using Tagxedo was the most popular post on Facebook in 2013.

2) The second most popular post was from last month when we shared a link to an article about how occupational therapy was the third best job in health care.

3) You all loved (and we did too!!) the post about Senator Kirk telling TIME Magazine that he was most thankful for occupational therapy practitioners.

4) Shout out to students from the University of St. Augustine! Their very creative OT Month photo was the 4th most popular on our Facebook page.

5) I had the pleasure of meeting the fabulous ladies from the Assembly of Student Delegates in San Diego at AOTA’s Annual Conference. This photo of the pin they gave me was the 5th most popular on our page. Thanks to Susan Lingelbach and Kylie O’Connell for the awesome pin!

I’m from Louisiana and when we want to give something just a little extra we call it “lagniappe.” So my lagniappe for all of you is this:

The top two Facebook posts from 2013 with the most comments:

1) Just for fun, we asked you to share which specialty of occupational therapy you worked in. 350 comments later we were reminded of how diverse and awesome this profession is!

2) Another just for fun, we asked you all to vote on your favorite OT Month logo for April 2014. That post had nearly 350 comments as well! By the way, option C won! Check out the products here.

Thanks for making Facebook such a fun part of our jobs! We hope to keep bringing you engaging and interesting information and conversations in 2014. Happy New Year!